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OMB Number: 06100994 Expiration Date: 09/30/2018 ED900B Beneficiary Information Form A. General Information A.1. Proposed EDA Project Title: proposed by Lead Applicant: A.2. Beneficiary Organization
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boys and girls this week's flipped classroom lesson is on endings Edie and inj sometimes you have to drop a letter to and add the ending or double a letter to add an ending what do we know about reading these words we have the root word rain and we add Edie to show it's past tense rained we have the word rating there is the root word rain we add ing to show present tense raining we did not have to change anything in any of the letters to add those particular endings both of these have a base word and an ending edie means it happened in the past and as I already stated ing means it's happening now sometimes you have to follow the doubling rule here is the base word shop you add Edie but take a look closely at the word shop and you have to double the P you have to double the consonant to make shopped and there we have the root word again shop this time adding ing for shopping take a close look the P we had to double it to add ing boys and girls this is because there is a special rule in this pattern there is a vowel and then a consonant if you look at the root word shop before the e d sh o P you see the O is a vowel the P is a consonant that is a rule Val plus consonant you have to double the consonant hence doubling the P to add IDI then the same applies for the next word ending in you have au which is again the same as before Val consonant is a P you must double the consonant that's why it is in yellow so it can stand out and add inj so this is the doubling rule double the consonant and add your ending when you have a vowel and a consonant the last consonant in shop P was doubled before the endings were at it this happens in short Val words such as shop that end in just one consonant if a one syllable word ends with one vowel and one consonant double the final consonant the base word like we're going to be talking about the dropping rule take a close look at the word like we have the root word like plus IDI its liked we had to drop the e to add the IDI you wouldn't spell it Li ke EE D and the same applies with liking to add the ending ing to the root word like you have to drop the e to add I and J for liking the e was dropped before these endings were at it this happens if a base word ends with E and the ending starts with a vowel if the base word ends with a sneaky e drop the e and a DD or ing boys and girls at this time please take out the homework sheet that you were given today in class that looks just like this chart your homework tonight is to complete this chart be careful look at the base word look at the correct ending in each column and use the correct rule when necessary you will turn this in tomorrow we will go over it in class